Science Fantasy Flora and Fauna Vol 3: Vermin

Where there is civilization there is vermin, and I’m not referring to politics. Any significant population of people or animals is going to attract a lot of different insects, rodents, worms, and crop eating birds. As always, we will be discussing the more magical version of these creatures. Let’s begin with…


Tavern Rats

There’s a reason that every tavern in the realm hires adventurers: rats. Lots of rats. With so many tasty, tasty things stored in the basements of taverns, rats flock there before the first keg is even tapped. Growing fat on salted pork, bread, and ale, they reproduce like mad and can quickly overwhelm an unprepared bartender on his way down the stairs. Adventurers should be aware that tavern rats like to drink, so they may be more confident and aggressive than a typical rat.



Coin Beetles

Have you ever reached into your pocket, certain that you had exactly enough gold to purchase that sword, only to come up empty handed? Well, it’s not always a mugging or cutpurse to blame, but rather the sneaky coin beetle.

Coin beetles, much like sword grass, ingest minerals and metals to create shiny deposits on its chitin. Its favorite meal is gold, but adventurers have spotted copper, silver, even platinum beetles in the wild. They use a powerful acid to break down their meals. Those interested in etching metal often raise the beetles to harvest their secretions.



Wing Worms

Wing Worms don’t fly, thankfully, but they can glide quite a long distance when they need to. Escaping predators, fire, and inclement weather is their wings typical use, but they have been seen colliding in mid air in some kind of breeding ritual. Their favorite meal is fruit, specifically apples, and are the bane of farmers everywhere.

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