Das Reviews: Meek Barbarian’s Brownie Supplement

I am, lets say, partial to the smaller races. My first character was a Halfling, and I’ve played more Gnomes, Fey, and Svirnefblin than I can count. As a tall man, I enjoy playing the short guy for once. However, for some ungodly reason, I’ve never played as a Brownie.

In English and Scottish folklore, the Brownie is said to appear at night while everyone is asleep and help the household by doing various chores around the place. The version of this you’re probably most familiar with is from Grimm’s Fairy Tales, where an old shoe maker is surprised in the morning by finding that all of his work for the day was already done.

Meek Barbarian has changed them just a bit, but I think it’s an interesting one. Instead of the typical household chores performing elves, they’re more in tune with nature and exist as a balancing force for their homelands. It’s a bit like if there were an entire race of Druids. Scary thought.

Each Brownie is born into a caste, represented by a birthmark. Patrons, the entertainers and philosophers, Guardians, who try to keep their society in balance, and Providers, who farm and craft goods, make up Brownie society. It’s a good distinction that keeps them separate from Gnomes, at least from a lore standpoint.

As far as stats and abilities go, there’s nothing too crazy. I won’t go into specifics, because then you may not want to download the PDF, but I can say it appears to be well balanced. I have not had the opportunity to play test it yet, but I will definitely include it in my home game.

Intimidatingly long copyright text aside, the PDF is a good investment, and since the author is only asking you to pay what you feel it’s worth, it could be a free investment. Go download it. (But you should totally give him some money).

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