Science Fantasy Flora and Fauna Vol 6: Aquatic Plants

Most, if not all life supporting worlds have water, and it is not devoid of plant life. Does your world use rice as a food staple? Does it use the supposed healing properties of lotus flowers? Add a little variety to your coast, river, or estuary, and use one of these plants in your own works.


Apium Nodiflorum

Fool’s Watercress

Growing along creek beds and ditches, Fool’s Watercress is often picked by inexperienced gatherers who mistake it for its namesake. Unlike normal Watercress, Apium nodiflorum is quite poisonous to humanoids and has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of watercress sandwich eaters at fancy parties the world over. If the poison is extracted from the plant, usually by brewing it, it can be used in the making of a laxative.

Nelumbo nucifera

White Lotus Flower

Elven societies have been known to cultivate this plant for religious and medical purposes, as well as a way of feeding its priests and doctors. Its stems are thick and have been compared to carrots in flavor and texture, although removing the thick, knife resistant skin can be difficult. The flower is brewed into a tea that is said to cure many diseases, with one story being told of a man’s arm growing back overnight.

Victoria Gigantica

The Giant Water Lily

Among the creeks and rivers of the Gnomish peoples, Giant Water Lilies are cultivated for use as barges to convey goods and people. Much like the Gondoliers of Venice, Gnomes can be seen moving up and down the waters with long poles. Medium sized and larger creatures may have a tough time not tipping over, but the lilies can hold up to 2 medium sized creatures without submerging.

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