Memorable Magic Items: Rings

Welcome to a new feature on Das Boots of Haste, where we will be exploring the world of magic items. Not just any old boring items, like a ring of protection, or amulet of health, but truly memorable items that stand out from the pack to your readers or players. Today we start with my favorite sort of magic item: rings. No Wizard worth his salt would be caught dead without them, so let’s take a look at a few examples you can use in your own work.

Side note: I didn’t realize all of these started with the letter ‘M’ until after editing, but that’s a fun coincidence, huh?

The Ring of Memory

Created by Archmage Ponderous nearly a thousand years ago, the Ring of Memory has been sought after by many who would claim its powers for their own. The issue isn’t finding the ring, because many have, but remembering where they left it.

You see, Ponderous was a forgetful man, and so he and his apprentice spent an entire year working on an item that would remember things for him. Unfortunately, it worked too well. Once found and worn, the ring acts as a sort of hard drive for the user, storing images, sounds, and ideas in its internal memory. The problem comes when the user removes it. Everything they’ve done since they wore the ring is suddenly forgotten, including where they set it down.

Manacle Rings

This heavy, golden ring is the byproduct of slavers and kidnappers, designed to keep high-profile or wealthy prisoners under the control of their jailers without the need for prisons or dungeons. Created by Dwarven artisans, Manacle Rings are enchanted on commission before being sold on the open market.

At the utterance of the command word, the ring becomes permanently attached to the flesh of the wearer’s finger. Once the second command word is said, the wearer’s hand violently moves towards the ground and remains locked in place until said again. Technically a cursed item, the Manacle Rings can only be removed by a counter-word, or a powerful enough remove curse spell.

The Rings of Manuscript

The advent of printing was possibly the most important invention in our own world, but in a fantasy world they may not have access to such mechanics. This is why the Rings of Manuscript were created. Only a dozen or so are known to exist, but, should you possess one, the opportunities are endless.

Once the ring is pressed against a scroll, paper, or book, it ‘remembers’ the exact wording and layout of a piece of written information. Pressing the ring onto a blank medium results in a perfect copy of the original. Each ring only stores one ‘memory,’ but using the command word will erase it, making it ready to store a new work.

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  1. Hey, i really liked this and hope you will do others! For once i’d love to see what you could come up for Staffs (as in Quarterstaffs and such), Boots or even Boats.
    Have read a bunch of your stuff and i think it’s great!


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