RPG Supplements

Along with my normal reviews, articles, and whatnot, I also write encounters and adventures. So far they’re only supported under 5th edition D&D, but that could change in the future. For now they’re all pay what you want, so grab them for free if you like.

Bass and Trouble: An odd encounter with D&D’s D student, Kobolds. For level 1-2 adventurers. Pay What You Want.

Crier Beware: A young girl, an odd boulder, and the important lessen that things aren’t always what they seem. Pay What You Want.

In Dire Need: An adventuring party encounters a dire wolf in pain. Will they help it, or invoke the wrath of its forest spirit master? Pay What You Want.

Short End of The Stick Up: Either introducing a villain, ally, or new player, this little encounter combines comedy and action for a thrilling chance encounter with a Gnomish highwayman. Pay What You Want.

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